[Konstantine's Datafile]

Name: Konstantine
Sex: Female
Morph: Yellow Flame/Chevron/Creamsicle
Description: Bright yellow all the time, with a white/cream back, white fringe and pinstriping on her neck & crests. White areas & markings are outlined in dark chocolatey black.
Additional Traits: Thick white fringe (white wraps all the way around on the top of her back feet, connecting to the white knee caps and continuing along the sides of her belly "white wall")
Weight: 58 grams
Length: 4.5" SVL; 7.75" total (11.4cm; 19.7cm)
Breeder: Phantom Dragon
Notes: Konstantine does not fall nicely into a morph category, but whatever she is, it's HOT! Not only does she have the looks, but she's got an awesome personality too. Her eyes are a really pretty violet color.